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Game Trade Magazine #205 Highlights

Greetings, dear readers, and welcome to your March installment of Game Trade Magazine. Boy-oh-boy, do we have a great issue for you this month!

Please enjoy our March issue – head to the frozen north with Fantasy Flight Games’ Watchers on the Wall, travel Through the Breach and explore behind-the-scenes of the upcoming Second Edition courtesy of Wyrd, and enter the Void and battle fantastic monsters in WizKids' The Banishing, among other insightful and engaging articles and product focuses. This issue is really chock-full of great stuff. 

Return to a magical land of steampunk, dragons, and trains with Mayfair Games' Iron Dragon!

All this plus MORE! And be sure to check out the awesome TAK gatefold by Cheapass Games in this month's issue! 

GTM #205: Cover Story

Iron Dragons
MFG 4607, TBD

Science, fantasy, and trains mix in the popular game of fun and finances, Iron Dragon! Lay track across a mythical realm filled with wizards, elves, and rainbow bridges as genetically-engineered dragons pull boxcars loaded with jewels, magical items, and other treasures from city to city. Dangerous jungles must be crossed, rivers forged, and orcs bribed, as players plan routes and amass money in an attempt to create a fantasy empire.

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GTM #205: Center Gatefold

Tak: A Beautiful Game
PSI CAG239, $55.00

Tak is a two-player abstract strategy game dreamed up by Pat Rothfuss in `The Wise Man`s Fear` and made reality by James Ernest. A pure abstract game in the same family as Chess, Go, and Mancala, players in Tak attempt to make a road of their pieces connecting two opposite sides of the board.

GTM #205: Featured Articles

A Game of Thrones LCG: 2nd Edition - Watchers on the Wall Expansion
FFG GT22, $29.95

Travel north and join the Night`s Watch with Watchers on the Wall, a deluxe expansion for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. Within this expansion, you`ll dicsover new ways to defend the Wall and conscript your opponent`s characters, along with new versions of iconic characters like Jon Snow, Old Bear Mormont, Maester Aemon, and Samwell Tarly. You`ll also find two new non-loyal cards for every other faction, an assortment of neutral cards portraying the Wildlings, and seven new plots that offer new pathways to victory for every deck.

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Through the Breach RPG: Core Rules (Second Edition)
WYR 30107, $25.00

A story-driven, roleplaying experience set in the world of Malifaux, where steam power collides with magic, monsters, and the wild west, players in Through the Breach take on the role of the Fated, men and women who have caught a brief glimpse of their destinies. Through the Breach uses cards instead of dice to resolve conflicts, and each character has a hand of cards they can use to alter their destinies, changing failure into success and defeat into victory. Characters shift fluidly from one profession to the next as they meet the challenges of Malifaux head-on, and even the most naive Academic might find themselves becoming a lethal Gunslinger, hardened Pioneer, or power-mad Dabbler with the right twist of fate.

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FLATLINE: A FUSE Aftershock Game
RGS 00565, $50.00

A cooperative dice game set in the FUSE universe, players in Flatline must roll their dice and work to combine them with other players in order to properly treat arriving patients. Every round, players are racing against a one-minute timer, and must deal with the needs of each wounded crew member, as well as other emergencies within the ER. Time is running out!

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Zpocalypse 2: Defend the Burbs
PSI GNEZB01, $59.95

When the city was overcome, we thought, `This is the end.` Then they bombed us, and we were sure it was over. Somehow, I don`t know how or why, we survived the onslaught and escaped the pit of hell that was the urban wasteland. They always say the suburbs have it better, right? They weren`t hit nearly as hard; weve found a sturdy house. It still has a roof and everything. We`re hungry, tired, and it`s a struggle to hold back the dead from their nightly assaults, but we`re still here, we`re not going down...yet. You fled the city for the suburbs. It sounded like a good plan, but you`re still fighting for survival in Zpocalypse 2: Defend the Burbs! A new, standalone, cooperative, zombie survival game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, players in Zpocalypse 2: Defend the Burbs each control their own squad of survivors equipped to the teeth with weapons, food, items, and hope.

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The Banishing Card Game
WZK 72814, $19.99

A dark void has opened and undead creatures are attempting to enter our world. You have come together as guardians who must work together to force the undead back through the void. However, the longer it takes, the stronger the undead become, threatening to overwhelm all!

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SEE 3000, (Net) $9.80

The END is just the BEGINNING in WordSpiel! Make words starting with the last letters of the previous player`s word. Just like the name, WordSpiel, Spiel uses the `S` from WordS. Enjoyed by wordsmiths and rookies alike, this word game challenges players to make the best word possible within 60-seconds.

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FAITH: A Garden in Hell
BRG 11010, $34.99

The fragile truce between the Iz`kal and the Corvo had been compromised by a series of murderous attacks on far away settlements. Mutually Assured Destruction was mere days away as both species laid blame on each other - until the Battle of Izuan Tai shook the groundwork of the known universe! It was the first major blow the legendary species, the Ravager, would deliver to civilization, but it wouldn`t be the last. A new menace had awoken from a long sleep. As a brave member of the Coalition, your task is to defeat the Ravager and extract enough information to turn the tides of the battle for the universe. A completely standalone experience for 2-5 players, the FAITH: A Garden in Hell Starter Set features a complete campaign that will take you to Ujara, an alien planet infested by the Ravager.

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