Thursday, October 27, 2016

Game Trade Magazine #201 Highlights

From upcoming releases for the hottest miniatures and hobby supply lines to a host of accessories, expansions, sourcebooks, and supplements - if you can dice it, paint it, play it, and imagine it, you'll find it in GTM #201. 

Fantasy Flight Games hosts this month’s cover highlighting the newest wave of X-Wing Miniatures expansions including new ships and characters for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Gamers receive three free inserts this month - two of which have in-game play! In this issue you’ll find an EXCLUSIVE Walker miniature and promo card for Mantic Games’ newest survival miniatures game, The Walking Dead: All Out War. Gamers also receive an EXCLUSIVE Xenobiologist promo card for Burke’s Gambit, the social deduction and bluffing game available from WizKids in December. In addition, Looney Labs has provided a full catalog of their products, which makes shopping for your favorite holiday gifts that much easier!  

Don’t forget to read our features on Catan Histories: The Settlers of the Stone Age and Evolution: Climate, and while you’re at it, check out the free Pairs game scenario Horn of Plenty from Cheapass Games.


The Walking Dead All Out War Core Set

Walker Mini & Promo Card
MGE MGWD001, $49.99

Set in the walker-strewn Georgia countryside, The Walking Dead: All Out War is a tactical, head-to-head, survival miniatures game based on the characters from the pages of the bestselling The Walking Dead comic series from Skybound Entertainment. Build your own group of survivors made up of popular characters from The Walking Dead storyline like Rick, Shane, and Michonne, then pit them against other groups in a bitter fight for supplies. But, beware! The Walkers react to your every move! In this game everyone - and everything - is trying to kill you!

Burke's Gambit

Burke's Gambit Promo Card - Xenobiologist Card

WZK 72790, $19.99

Speeding through space, Burke`s Gambit is a rugged company freighter on an extremely important mission - it`s seasoned crew is tasked with finding powerful alien technology. But, what they discover, instead, is something far more dangerous! A parasitic organism has made its way into the ship and inside the body of one of the crew members - and someone has sabotaged the freighter`s engines, forcing the ship, its crew, and the said organism on a collision course with Earth! Now the race is on to uncover the infected crew member(s), eject them from the airlock, and prevent a disaster of cataclysmic proportions in this fast-paced game of rampant peril & paranoia!

For more details visit the GTM Homepage!

Looney Labs Product Catalog


Pyramid Arcade
LOO 074, $77.00

Pyramid Arcade is a complete boxed set of 22 of the best games for the Looney Pyramids. This item is to be sold in Brick & Mortar stores only! No online sales unless you are a Chosen Online Retailer from LOO.


Catan Histories - Settlers of the Stone Age
CSI CN3201, $49.00

Based on the award-winning Settlers of Catan game system, but presenting players with all-new challenges unique to the dangers and opportunities of the Stone Age. The first branches of this family began a journey that spanned thousands of years, eventually leading them to Australia and America. In this exciting game, you will guide the journey of one of these branches. You must struggle to spread your people over the whole world. In order to expand your branch, humanity you must develop certain talents: advances in the preparation of food will allow your people to spread faster and wider, while new hunting techniques can protect them from dangers. 

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Horn of Plenty Scenario from Cheapass Games for Pairs
Available free in GTM 201! Pairs: Core Deck required to play. 

Pairs: Core Deck
PSI CAG208, $9.95

Pairs is a New Classic Pub Game designed by Origins Award-winning tabletop designers James Ernest and Paul Peterson. Its a simple card game with a basic triangle deck: Just 55 cards numbered 1 through 10, with 1x1 2x2, 3x3, and so on up to 10x10. Players take turns drawing cards and trying not to score a pair. Or, you can fold, and score the lowest card in play. The first player to score too many points loses the game, and there's only one loser!

Check Game Trade Magazine website for more details!


Evolution: Climate
NSG 520, $59.99

Evolution: Climate Conversion Kit
NSG 525, $29.99

If you thought Carnivores were a threat, wait until you have to deal with the climate! In Evolution: Climate, players adapt their species in a dynamic ecosystem where food is scarce, predators lurk, and the climate can swing between scorching hot and icy cold. Traits like a Hard Shell and Horns can protect your species from Carnivores, while a Long Neck will help them get food that others can`t reach. Heavy Fur and Migratory can protect your species from the cold, while being Nocturnal or Burrowing will provide protection from the cruel desert sun. With over 200,000 ways to evolve your species, every game evolves into a different adventure with Climate! 
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Panic Through the Years: A Retrospective on the Panic Line

Castle Panic: Board Game

PSI FSD1001, $35.00

Castle Panic: The Wizards Tower Expansion
PSI FSD1002, $24.95

Castle Panic: The Dark Titan Expansion
PSI FSD1005, $14.95

Castle Panic: Engines of War Expansion
PSI FSD1007, $17.95

Dead Panic
PSI FSD1003, $39.95

Munchkin Panic
PSI FSD1004, $39.95

                                    Star Trek Panic
                                    USO PN066201, (Net) $23.80

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