Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Check Your Orders (and Your Sanity)! - Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game

Preorders Due Friday! 
Ash (Bruce Campbell), the sole survivor of The Evil Dead, returns to the same cabin in the woods and again unleashes the forces of the dead. With his girlfriend possessed by the demons and his body parts running amok, Ash is forced to single-handedly battle the legions of the damned as the most lethal – and groovy – hero in horror movie history! Welcome to Evil Dead 2, director Sam Raimi's ghoulish and grueling sequel to The Evil Dead and outrageous prequel to Army of Darkness!

Evil Dead 2: The Official Board is a cooperative, until its not, survival horror game. Players start as humans but risk turning into Deadites throughout play, switching their goals and allegiances to the opposite side. The game is event-driven with a deck of over 100 cardsmost of which only occurring oncepaving the way for a horror-movie-paced reactionary strategy with some skeptical teamwork tactics. Theres a spell system to keep things interesting, loop dropping keeps items and Necronomicon pages in play, and dark magic can bring dead player characters back to life. Its not over until its over!

Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game
Evil Takes Root in November! Groovy!
SRP: $59.99

"Let's head on down into that cellar and carve ourselves a witch!"
- Ash, Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

Board games are about to get a lot more groovy - and gory! 
Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game is a tile and miniature based, survival-horror game based on Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, Sam Raimi's 1987 cult-classic horror film gore fest.

You'll play as your favorite Evil Dead 2 characters (and Jake) as you explore the cabin for missing pages of the Ex-Mortis. If you find all of the pages, you can open a portal to banish the Kandarian Demons and win the game. But you will have to face Deadites, demons, Ash’s Freaking Hand!, that tree, and the deadite versions of your fellow players to do it! 
Featuring eight custom figures and art depicting the terrifying and iconic characters, monsters, and locales from the film, players in the Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game work together to gather pages of the Ex-Mortis while trying to survive demon attacks, supernatural events, and avoid turning into evil Deadites, themselves! 

Preorders for DIA EVLDBG01 are due to your Alliance Account Representative by Friday!

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