Thursday, October 1, 2015

Important Message From WizKids


Random Rewards Are Coming!

As we have begun implementing an organized play strategy based on WizKids Event System performance, we have noticed many stores with multiple WES accounts. This is becoming an issue with selecting stores to participate in premium programs and authorizing template usage based on WES ID’s. In order to clean up the system, we ask for your help in deactivating any duplicate accounts and verifying account usage by logging into the registered store account at least once a month.

We are aware that many stores have volunteers and event staff scheduling and reporting their events. Without the registered store account being logged into, stores cannot receive achievements and the store’s account will not be verified as active. Please make sure the email address connected to your store account is up to date and that the account is logged into at least once a month.

To further encourage the verification of store accounts, we will be starting a Random Rewards program. Each quarter, stores (and players) will be selected to receive a special surprise from the WizKids Team. In order to be eligible, you must have an active WES account and meet the below criteria.  

Store Criteria:
·         Your address is correct
·         Your store hours are on your profile
·         Your store is registered to your country
·         You have logged in at least once in the last month

We appreciate your support of the WizKids Event System and your participation in our organized play initiatives.

-The WizKids Team

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