Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Titansgrave Episode 5

New Titansgrave Episode!

Titansgrave: Episode 5
Staff of Forlorn Hope
After escaping the Nestoran streets and seeking “refuge” in the sewers, the party is taken to an elevator which leads directly to Mr. Voss. Like all mysterious benefactors, Mr. Voss has a proposition for the party: retrieve the Staff of Forlorn Hope and in return, receive an extravagant amount of gold and an even more extravagant party. Such fetch quests are nothing for our heroes, but will this one in particular turn out to be more than it seems?

In case you missed last week's episode:

Titansgrave: Episode 4
Sewer Terror
After finding themselves declared terrorists in Nestora, the party follows Aucker — a friend of the Beer Baron — to the Nestoran sewers in order to escape their current situation. The city above may have held danger for our adventurers, but will they find even more peril in the ancient city below?

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