Thursday, May 8, 2014

Game Trade Magazine News!

Dear GTM Retailers / Readers,

We here at Game Trade Magazine (GTM) have some exciting news to share with you! We’ve decided to spruce-up our look! Starting with the July issue (GTM #173), GTM will be printed entirely in full-gloss paper stock. It’s our belief that this upgrade will increase the overall quality and appearance of our magazine, and, in turn, make it a more appealing, rewarding reading experience for you, our loyal customers.
Additionally in GTM #173, Mayfair Games will be inserting a game piece EXCLUSIVELY available for this issue. This free exclusive piece can be used in the following games:

  • Station Master - Flags & Whistles by Chris Baylis
  • Zen Garden - Raked Sand by H. Jean Vanais
  • Mad City - The Capital by Kane Keno
Only GTM readers will reap the game-play benefits of this piece.

With GTM, Alliance is dedicated to producing the most comprehensive, informative, and insightful magazine in the game and hobby industry. GTM serves as an accessible resource for customers to utilize to better educate and inform themselves about new and upcoming products, greatly influencing their buying decisions. Therefore, it’s an essential magazine to offer in your store. Most importantly, GTM generates heightened customer awareness (and buzz!) of products, which drives sales in your store!

The staff at GTM wishes to extend our thanks for your continued support and dedicated readership over the past 14 years. We hope you approve of our shiny, new look — keep your eyes peeled for it to arrive in stores in July!


Andrew Smith

Editor, Game Trade Magazine

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