Thursday, April 3, 2014

International TableTop Day is this Weekend!

This TableTop Day, we at Alliance want to make sure you're staying involved!

If you haven't registered your TableTop Day event, make sure you do so! Head to to register an event, look up other events in your local area, or download logos, banners, and cutouts.

Make sure you're photographing your event!

If you take photos of your event, make sure to share them with us! We'll share your photos on this very blog (there will be a post next week about all the festivities of TableTop Day), and on our Facebook page in an International TableTop Day album. Even more importantly, TableTop Day will be featured as a category for one of our golden meeples in our 2014 Best of the Game Trade Awards!

Use the hashtag #TableTopDay

It will help you connect with other gamers who are celebrating TableTop Day by telling the world what you are playing. Share your posts- TableTop Day is the best day to brag about what games and swag you've won! Your post could be shared by Geek and Sundry or by TableTop!

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