Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2014 International TableTop Day

On Saturday, April 5th, 2014 the producers of TableTop ask all of our fans to go to your Friendly Local Gaming Store and play more games!

How can your store participate in International TableTop Day 2014?
An excellent question! I can show you how in 5 easy steps!

1. Have you registered your store as a TableTop Day event center? Yes, you say? Excellent, go to step two! No, You haven't? Then check out the easy instructions to do so below!
  1. Go to
  2. Create a new event by going to the event tab or click on the “create one” button on the home page
  3. Select “business/retail event”
  4. Fill in the retailer information section completely
  5. Fill in the event information section completely
2. Then, Order a Geek & Sundry TableTop Day Launch Kit through Alliance! 
These kits are in production and will be ready the week of TableTop Day.

PSI GNS1401       TableTop Day 2014 Promo Retail Launch Kit

Each kit comes with an amazing marketing kit for your store;

3 Wil Wheaton Seven Wonders Leaders Cards, a Krosmaster Promotional Figure, 8 Krosmaster Arena Membership Cards, 25 Fluxx Peel-Away Promo Cards, a Roll For It Express with 6 Dice, a Smash Up Geeks Deck Poster, 2 Coup Inquisitor Promo Cards, 2 Castle Panic Promo Hero Cards, 3 TableTop Gloom Promo Expansions, 5xTableTop Day Munchkin Bookmarks…and more!

3. Make sure to stock up on games featured on TableTop!

When it comes to the games that have been played on TableTop, Alliance has got you covered! Anyone who knows the show will be drawn to the games Wil has shown them!

DOW 7901Small WorldIEL 51032King of Tokyo
MFG 3061Settlers of CatanPSI IBCAVA1The Resistance
CLP 021TsuroATG 1030Once Upon a Time
SJG 131313Zombie DiceGWI 317Forbidden Island
MDG 4295Get BitAEG 5501Smash Up
SJG 1408MunchkinMFG 3003Star Trek Catan
PSI FSD1001Castle PanicFFG SWX01Star Wars: X-Wing
ATG 1250GloomWOC 38851Lords of Waterdeep
BPF 005FiascoDOW 7401Shadows Over Camelot
NSG 200Say AnythingWOC 26633Betrayal at House on the Hill
FFG SL05Elder SignASM TAK01USTakenoko
ASM DIX01DixitMDW 32016WQwirkle
NSG 101Wits and WagersGMS 121212 Days
ZMG 71100PandemicZMG 78000Carcassonne
FFP 0101Last Night on EarthDOW 7202Ticket to Ride Europe
LOO 047-SStar FluxxCLP 119Tsuro of the Seas
SJG 1392Chez GeekFFP 0501Fortune and Glory
ASM FD01USFormula DMFG 4120Lords of Vegas

4. Advertise your event information on your website, on your Facebook page, in your store

Make sure your customers know about all the great fun that'll be going on. If it seems simple, that's because it is, but making certain to advertise your event to everyone can mean the difference between a small event with a few people, and a big event that draws in tons of new customers!

5. Get to the Downloads section of

The Downloads Section ( of the International TableTop Day Website has all kinds of pictures and cutouts available for your convenience! The advertising recommended in step 4 gets a whole lot easier when you have your very own cardboard Wil Wheaton (it's not exactly the one from the show, because reasons, but the cartoon version is still cool!)

If you haven't seen it yet, check out Wil and Felicia's announcement of International TableTop Day

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