Thursday, January 30, 2014

New from Mayfair Games!

Mad City

Take on the role of city builders as you race against time and other developers, and strive to build the most lucrative city. Arrange your city tiles in order to score for Residential, Industrial, and Urban areas. Do you dare boast that you have the largest communities or show off your roadwork skills in order to score bonus points? If you're a really efficient builder, you can wrap up your building projects before your opponents and be the only one to score bonus points from your city's ponds and parks.

Lords of Vegas: UP!

Your casino empire is expanding. But new players want a piece of your action. There's only one way to go to stay ahead of your competition - UP! This expansion for Lords of Vegas allows up to 5-6 players, as well as increases the size of your hotels, not just by building out, but also by building up. These new, taller hotels are more prestigious, and as a result earn you more Victory Points.

 Lords of Vegas will be featuring on Tabletop in late February. Make sure you've got both Lords of Vegas, and the UP! expansion (which will release earlier in February) to be ready for it!

Steam: Map Expansion #4

Experience the "Crossrails" of Europe in Poland and Mining and Markets in South Africa with this Map Expansion for Steam, which comes with four double-sided map panels (Poland and South Africa), plus an exclusive, new Steam Tile Sheet with new tiles for Expansion #3, and complete rules on how to incorporate them.

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