Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Small Business Saturday Success!

Check out the highlights from this year's Small Business Saturday! These are the stores that submitted entries for our Small Business Saturday contest!
Alter Ego Comics - Lima, OH
We had a great Small Business Day at Alter Ego Comics, with far more foot traffic than last year. Our buy one get one free sale on select items was popular, as well as our $1 comic book sale (The books only come out 2-3 times a year, then go back in the vault). Munchkin was the most popular game line, without any special promotion beyond our normal customer rewards points (1 point per dollar spent, which can be redeemed for a $10 off coupon once you reach 100).

Castle of Games - Springfield, OR
We did Small Business Saturday promotions, and had a pretty good sales day. Also we are doing a Graphic Novel, Trade Paperback 50% special now through Christmas on select Marvel titles.

CLS Games - Kennesaw, GA
CLS Games is offering an additional 10% discount to all games with the word "SMALL" or "BUSINESS" in the title.  Those include:
  •  SMALL World (and all SMALL World expansions)
  •  Agricola all Creatures Big and SMALL (and expansions)
  •  Munchkin Fu 2 Monkey BUSINESS
The Days of Knights - Newark, DE
The Days of Knights participated in Small Business Saturday with a number of special sales and promotions, advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and on our website:
  • Participated in the City of Newark's "Buy a Gift Certificate and Get 1 Free" Gift Certificates ($25/$50) that were offered for Small Business Saturday
  • Offered Door Busters for the first time, including some rare Magic:The Gathering items, like Modern Masters
  • Discounted 20% selected Board Games, including some new and some classic games
  • Participated in Small Business Saturday (American Express) and gave away Small Business bags with purchases of $50 or more
We had great success with the day, doubling our usual Saturday sales.

Fire For Effect Games - Oshkosh, WI
This was our first ever Small Business Saturday sale. We built a gondola in the center of the store filled with items we were heavily stocked with. We put a deep discount on these items, many up to 50% off.
The rest of the store was filled with other sales to keep all our hobbyists and gamers happy.
Fat Packs $34.99, Event Decks $19.99, Intro Packs $10.99, Hydra Challenge Decks $9.99, Heroes VS Monsters $14.99, Heroclix Foil Packs $1.99, 20% off Magic Singles!, 15% off Paints, Brushes, Tools, Adhesives, Scenery, Dice, RPG Miniatures, and Card Supplies, 25% off Flames of War books, 35% off all Star Trek Attack Wing Ships, 25% off Ultra Pro Playmats, 50% off select Card Sleeves.

The Gaming Guild - Evansville, IN
For Small Business Saturday we had a couple of sales in the store.THE GAMING GUILD WHERE THE GUILD KNOWS GAMES!!! To make Small Business Saturday special we had the following at our store:
  • A sale ($5 off every $35) on our entire store excluding our card singles, booster boxes, and booster packs. 
  • A sale on ($5 off every $25) on our excess games in stock or what we referred to as our "Top Shelf Sale."
  • Free re-useable shopping bag to first 20 customers
  • In-store $3 Ticket to Ride Tourney for ages 8 and up with prizes
  • Signs and door mat to show that it was Small Business Saturday
The Monstore - Montclair, CA
We had a small Magic:The Gathering tournament along with a sale on Board Games and Miniature products. We also held demos for Warhammer 40K and Board Games throughout the day.
  • Diverse group of players for all games.
  • Enthusiastic response from players for our events.
  • Generated sales through our promotions throughout the day.

Pop's Culture Shoppe - Wellsboro, PA
We had a fun day on Small Business Saturday with our Ticket to Ride Tournament and Secret Santa Discounts.  At check-out, customers could reach into Santa’s bag and choose a discount level of minimum 10% up to maximum 35% off.  Everyone was happy, and kids often made multiple purchases on small items hoping to get the “big one” next time. It was a very busy day, and we forgot to take pictures of the Ticket to Ride tournament, but we had happy players and winners.  Below are excerpts from our calendar:
29th – 30th – Friday and Saturday – Secret Santa Discounts!  – Reach into Santa’s bag at checkout and claim your discount of 10% to 35% off! 
30th – Saturday – 1:00pm – Ticket to Ride tournament.  $5 entry fee.  Top players will win some cool and exclusive train sets available only through this tournament, with a special medallion going to the overall winner.  If you like trains or you like the game Ticket to Ride, you won’t want to miss this event!
30th – Small Business Saturday  – Our fun game demos and Secret Santa Discounts continue for everyone today, and American Express card users can redeem their Small Business Saturday offer here at Pop’s.  Have fun shopping local at Pop’s!

West Coast Cards - Hawthorne, CA

Yu-gi-oh! over 50 people playing the game on the anniversary!

The Wyvern's Tale - Asheville, NC
We ran many demos, including Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Kingdom Builder, Ticket To Ride, Carcassonne, and Star Wars: X-Wing
  • Each customer participating in a demo received a coupon for 10% off our price
  • Many participants were new customers who made the trip just to try out the games
  • Each demo we ran resulted in at least one sale of the demo item
  • Several of the participants were interested in other games they saw and said they would return for them
All in all, Small Business Saturday was a great success for The Wyvern's Tale!

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