Thursday, December 5, 2013

Disney Cars & Planes Models from Zvezda

Who can resist the charm of the Disney animated features Cars and Planes?

The quirky little characters, the delightful little stories they tell. And what kid wouldn't want the adventure to continue after the film comes to its end? Thanks to their new license with Disney, Zvezda makes that dream possible, with two new games and their supporting models.

 These are My First Model Kits: snap fit, no glue required, introductory level model kits that are perfect for children seven and up. First they build their favorite character, complete with stickers to bring out their personality - then they play! Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions and you're rarin' to race!

ZVE 1118E  Planes: Display Assortment

ZVE 2060  Planes: High Pilotage Starter Game Set

ZVE 2061  Planes: Dusty Crophopper

ZVE 2062  Planes: Skipper Riley

ZVE 2063  Planes: Ripslinger

ZVE 2064  Planes: El Chupacabra

ZVE 2065  Planes: Bravo

 ZVE 2070  Planes: Rochelle

ZVE 2068  Planes: Stand for planes

ZVE 1112E  Cars: Display Assortment

ZVE 2011  Cars: Mater

 ZVE 2012  Cars: Lightning McQueen

 ZVE 2013  Cars: King

 ZVE 2014  Cars: Doc Hudson

 ZVE 2015  Cars: Sally Carrera

 ZVE 2017  Cars: Francesco

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