Tuesday, November 26, 2013

FoxMind's Demo Program!


FoxMind demos are now available! Stock up on the codes below to fill the shelves of your selection of demos!

FOX 310086 DEMO           Architecto Demo Copy
FOX 310096 DEMO           Equilibrio Demo Copy
FOX 310178 DEMO           Zoologic Demo Copy
FOX 310413 DEMO           Six Demo Copy
FOX 310420 DEMO           Meta Forms Demo Copy
FOX 310536 DEMO           Turbo Mind Twister Demo Copy
FOX 310543 DEMO           Linja Demo Copy
FOX 310581 DEMO           Abalone Classic Demo Copy
FOX 310789 DEMO           Kulami Demo Copy
FOX 310864 DEMO           Majority Rules Demo Copy
FOX ARTITX DEMO          Artistix Demo Copy
FOX CHOCO DEMO          Chocoly Demo Copy
FOX FAUNA DEMO           Fauna Demo Copy
FOX FOUR DEMO              Four in a Square Demo Copy
FOX IGO DEMO                 I Go! Demo Copy
FOX MAPUSA DEMO        Map It!: USA Demo Copy
FOX MAPWOR DEMO      Map It!: World Demo Copy
FOX OCTI DEMO               Octi Demo Copy
FOX PARADISO DEMO     Paradiso Demo Copy
FOX QUICK DEMO            Quick Quick Demo Copy
FOX RISE DEMO                Rise or Fall Demo Copy
FOX SMTRX DEMO           Smartrix Demo Copy
FOX STRING DEMO          String Railway Demo Copy
FOX TAIGA DEMO             Taiga Demo Copy

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Small Business Saturday

 Alliance Game Distributors would like to encourage all friendly local game stores to participate in Small Business Saturday celebrated on Saturday, November 30th. 
What is Small Business Saturday?
Small Business Saturday and Shop Small are registered trademarks of American Express Marketing & Development Corporation. Small Business Saturday was created by American Express in 2010 to encourage consumers to shop at small local businesses the day after Black Friday.
How can my store participate?
Invite your customers to stop in and shop! Keep your doors open for business on Saturday November 30th - participation in Small Business Saturday is voluntary! Download the success plan below and enter Alliance's Small Business Contest to win a $100 Alliance credit!
What resources does Alliance provide to support my store on Small Business Saturday?
1. Success PlanAlliance has developed a Friendly Local Game Store Success Plan for all retailer stores interested in participating in Small Business Day. The Success Plan breaks down the before and after steps your business needs in order to be successful on the big day. Alliance provides a check list of things to do before the day arrives, how to impress your customers on the day of, and how to continue to connect with your customers after your Small Business Saturday success. 

http://www.alliance-games.com/downloads/FLGSSuccessPlan.pdf2. Product Sale!Alliance put a number of products on sale to help you stock your shelves for the big Saturday! Take advantage of the discounted items for Small Business Saturday and the holiday shopping season. These items will be on sale from November 11th - November 30th!
Item Description  Discount
DIA 452334 Risk Legacy  10% off NET
FFG CE05 Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Storm Expansion  55%
FFG HB04 Planet Steam  60%
FFG HB08 Blood Bound  60%
FFG SWC06 Star Wars LCG: The Battle of Hoth Force Pack  52%
WOC A1121-D Kaijudo TCG: Tatsurion Versus Razorkider Battle Deck Carton (6) 75%
WOC A32980000 Magic the Gathering CCG: 2014 Core Set Booster Display (36)  50%
WOC A48700000-D Kaijudo TCG: Shattered Alliances Booster Display (24) 46%
WOC A4873NHD0-D Kaijudo TCG: Shattered Alliances Competitive Deck - Solar Eclipse Display (8) 60%
WZK 70975 DC HeroClix: Man of Steel 24 Count Gravity Feed Display 25% off NET
WZK 71042 KA2 HeroClix: 24 Count Gravity Feed Display 60%
WZK 71150 DC HeroClix: Batman Classic TV Series 24 Count Gravity Feed Display  54%
WZK 71155 Pathfinder Battles: Skull and Shackles Standard Booster Brick (8)  10% off NET
ZMG 7026 Agricola 52%
ZMG 70940 Tournay 80%
ZMG 70960 Africana 80%
ZMG 71320 La Boca  55%

Alliance’s Small Business Contest Rules
Tell us how you participated! Alliance wants to see how your game/hobby store participated in this year’s Small Business Day celebration. Document the specials, promotions, activities, and events you had in store by submitting images to promo@alliance-games.com. Send your images to Alliance with bulleted highlights of your Small Business Day success. Please limit your email submissions to only 3-4 photos. By entering, your store and images will be displayed on Alliance Game Distributors’ Facebook page and website!

Alliance $100 Credit Drawing: All submissions will automatically be entered to win a $100 Alliance Credit. The winner will be drawn at random from the total of submissions; only one credit winner will be awarded.
To qualify to enter, your small business must be open and processing monetary transactions on Saturday, November 30th. Alliance Game Distributors’ contest is not affiliated with American Express or American Express’ Small Business Day trademarks.
Send in your images to promo@alliance-games.com by 6:00PM EST, Sunday, December 8th. Submissions entered after December 8th 2013 will not be valid. The winner of the Alliance credit drawing will be awarded December 11th 2013.

To find out more about Small Business Saturday please visit American Express’ Shop Small website. To download the official Small Business Day and Shop Small Information Packet, please click here. Small Business Saturday and Shop Small are registered trademarks of American Express Marketing & Development Corporation. Official Shop Small Marketing Campaign Materials can be downloaded in American Express’ Shop Small website in the Get Resources Section

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Marvel Heroclix: Thor - The Dark World

In Thor - The Dark World, Thor fights to restore order across the cosmos - but an ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith threatens to plunge the universe back into darkness.

Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all!

 Defend Asgard and Earth with Thor! Defeat his enemies with the latest mighty expansion from Marvel HeroClix! Marvel HeroClix: Thor - The Dark World is introduced in Starter Sets (WZK 71077) containing six figures with all-new dial designs, two maps, the HeroClix core rulebook, the HeroClix Powers and Abilities card, and tokens, as well as 24-count Gravity Feeds (WZK 71073) featuring 14 different figures with all-new dial designs. The Marvel HeroClix: Thor - The Dark World Movie Mini Game (WZK 71078) features two HeroClix figures from the latest Marvel blockbuster, plus an exclusive fold-up game board, a quick-start rules sheet, Bystander tokens, and dice - everything new and established players need to play!