Wednesday, October 16, 2013

NSKN Games: 80% off Select Titles

NSKN Games and Alliance Game Distributors are proud to announce an offer on NSKN’s leading game titles. Through the end of November, retailers may purchase copies of Warriors and Traders *and* Wild Fun West at 80% off of the MSRP.

NSK 002 Wild Fun West

Players are working together to build a town in the Wild West, making decisions based on the amount of money they are willing to invest. While the players appear to be building the town together, each of them has a secret agenda.

The Wild West just got a little more fun! In this strategic bidding game, players are competing magnates, seeking to work together to erect a town in the American Wild West by investing in Post Offices, Saloons, Jailhouses, and other prominent properties and expanding their status, influence, and voting power among the professional community, while simultaneously achieving the secret goal to construct four out of the six buildings listed on their objective card. 

NSK WT01  Warriors and Traders

Warriors & Traders is a pure strategy game that combines economy, negotiation and war. 2 to 6 players strive to build their empire in the Dark Ages of Europe, managing scarce resources, fighting and negotiating their way to victory.

Rewrite history! Forge your destiny! Conquer your opponents - or outwit them - to build the most prosperous kingdom in Warriors & Traders!

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