Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ticket to Ride finally goes Android!

Days of Wonder, the publisher of the infamous Ticket to Ride board game, announced this week the Ticket to Ride application is now available for Android devices. Fans of the game and non-iPhone customers have been pleading with Days of Wonder to release an Android version of the app for many months. The iOS version was a huge hit and sat at the top of the popular downloads list for weeks. 

We chatted with Mark Kaufmann from Days of Wonder recently about the success of the Days of Wonder app market and the launch of the TTR Android application - here's what he had to say:

"Days of Wonder has been able to directly track the relationship between digital versions of its games on sales of the physical boardgames. Following the release of Small World for the iPad, the next quarter's Small World board game sales jumped 26% and SmallWorld's Q4 sales that year were 30% higher than the previous year. Ticket to Ride saw an even larger jump. After the release of Ticket to Ride for iPad the following quarter saw a whopping 200% increase in board game sales. The Q4 numbers that year were 42% higher than the previous year's Q4 results. We expect that this month's release of Ticket to Ride for Android will continue to help increase exposure to the board game and increase tabletop sales."
To find out more about the new Android app, visit the Google Play website here.

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