Thursday, February 28, 2013

How Can Your Store Participate in International TableTop Day?

Excellent Question!

I'm here to help you find out.

1. Have you registered your store as a TableTop Day event center?
Yes, you say? Excellent! No, You haven't? Then check out the easy instructions to do so below!
  1. Go to
  2. Create a new event by going to the event tab or click on the “create one” button on the home page
  3. Select “business/retail event”
  4. Fill in the retailer information section completely
  5. Fill in the event information section completely
2. Order a Geek & Sundry TableTop Day Launch Kit only through Alliance! 
There are two kits to choose from, they are in production and will be ready the week of TableTop Day.
G&S 001          TableTopDay Retail Launch Kit                     $50.00
G&S 002          Premium TableTop Retail Launch Kit           $500.00
Each kit comes with an amazing marketing kit for your store; posters, 20 save the date cards, a window cling, 12 "As Seen on TableTop" shelf talkers, and great game giveaways* (listed below). The Premium Kits include more promotional value for the retail store; they will be hosted on the TableTop Day website as a Premium game store, will have their event live-streamed to Geek & Sundry, and receive a backlit Geek and Sundry sign!

3. Download free web ads for your store's website! 
Head over to and hit the Downloads tab at the top and start promoting! The web advertisements come in the following formats: 200x200, 300x600, 520x260, 120x240 and 300x250 pixels. 

4. Bag Stuffers: Print and make your own copies of the TableTop Day flyer
You can make your own flyers or print out a graphic from under the Downloads tab at the top! Place 2, 4, maybe even 6 on a page, but be sure to make enough copies to cut out and add into the bags your customers walk out with!

5. Does you store have a Facebook page?
If you do, then make an event and invite all of your followers!
Tell us what your doing in preparation of TableTop Day on March 30th below in the comments section!

- Emily

*Game Giveaways
The game giveaways are not to be sold in-store; these items are packaged for the sole purpose of being given out to customers during the TableTop Day event, March 30th 2013.
Current contents of Game Giveaways:
Alderac Entertainment Group - Smash Up Bases (2), Asmodee – 7 Wonders Catan Board (2) Atlas Games – TableTop Gloom Expansion (2), Blue Orange – Sample Pack (2) Calliope Games – Tsuro Tiles (2), Fireside Games – Multi-Color Hero (5), Floppet - Guild Floppets (3), HL Games - Word Winders Download (5), Iello - Wil's Favor (2), Indie Board & Card - The Resistance (1), Looney Labs - Star Fluxx Promo Card (10), Mayfair Games - Tile Expansions (1), North Star Games - Promo Cards (2), Playroom - Killer Bunny Promos (2), Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin Bookmarks (5), Wiggity Bang – Quao (1), Wizards of the Coast - D&D Buttons

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