Saturday, February 9, 2013

Demos...Calling All Demos!

Alliance Game Distributors has carried many demo programs, provided by our manufactures, throughout the company’s history. The importance of having demo games in your retail store is so critical, especially when so many customers want a true feel for the game before purchasing. We totally understand and we want to support their purchasing curiosity.

Before we go over what demo’s Alliance is currently carrying, let’s looks over…

Benefits of In-Store Demoing

  • Allows customers to test or try the game before purchasing
  • Stimulated buyer’s purchasing decision
  • Increase customer’s desire to own the game after demoing
  • Easier selling situation for Retailer when demoing
  • Retailer opportunities for up-sale or added product suggestions
  • Increase sales during open gaming nights
  • Increase in-store play (Increase game’s interest when other customers playing in-store)
  • Psychologically, putting something tangible in your customers hands may increase their desire to own the product
  • Demos will always be more interesting than reading info from the back of a box
To get the full list of the demos Alliance carries head over to our Retailer Services website, here. Check the list to see what demos you might be needing in your store. These items are only available to order through your Alliance Rep so give them a call!

Tell us what you love most about having demo games available in your store. Click below to comment!

- Emily

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