Thursday, January 3, 2013

WOC Play Network: Kaijudo!

Wizards of the Coast's Play Network is giving back to their retailers!

To support the increase of Kaijudo sales and interest in play, the Play Network is supporting retailers ,who carry the Kaijudo brand, in their promotion efforts. 

Wizards has recently created a special in-store Play Promotion for retailers who continue to support the Kaijudo brand. In order to earn the special in-store promotion, store owners are asked to continue to run Kaijudo League or any other Kaijudo events in the store. 

Check out the insides of the kit below:
Five Return to Ravnica Guild Prerelease packs (one from each of the Return to Ravnica Prerelease guilds)
One copy of each of the Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition Premium reprints (the Player's Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master Guide)
One display of Kaijudo Rise of the Duel Masters boosters
One Return to Ravnica marketing kit, including a set of five guild banners, twenty-five deck boxes, and a wall clock with interchangeable face.

To learn more information about the Kaijudo brand and the in-store Play Promotion, visit their website here. This special promotion is only running through January 31st, 2013. So retailers, schedule to a run Kaijudo League or any other Kaijudo event soon! If you are not familiar with scheduling a Kaijudo event please read the following article from Chase Robinson - Running a Kaijudo Event.

- Emily

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