Monday, January 21, 2013

What Do Games and Justin Bieber Have In Common?

Below is the latest Dork Tower comic, created by Illustrator John Kovalic, to hit Game Trade Magazine February Issue #156! We at Alliance gave it a good chuckle, and wanted to share it will all of our readers and followers.

Game Trade Magazine was created as a resource tool for retailers as a method to increase awareness of (new) product and sales. Pull the most recent GTM out the next time a customer asks for something new, something they haven't tried before. Each game listed in GTM has a picture and product description, in order to make it easier to narrow down your customer’s interest. Plus, we have to mention, GTM is filled with awesome articles about the newest product and most popular titles!

Retailers, did you enjoy the most recent John Kovalic poster we sent out with the last Game Trade Magazine? (Issue # 155) Use the poster as an award for your next gaming event or hang it around your store for a good laugh. If you didn't see the poster, you have now!

- Emily

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