Thursday, January 3, 2013

Website Enhancement: Template Orders

Retailer Services Website Update for Retailers: please log onto to view the recent changes described below!

Alliance Game Distributors is happy to announce a new Feature: 

Template Orders
On the left hand menu list you will see a new option ‘Template Orders’. Template orders are for items that you frequently order. Once you add an item to a template order it will stay on there until you remove it. From a template you can enter in a quantity and add the selected item(s) directly to a potential or open order. You can have multiple templates to better manage your ordering experience all of which can be managed via the ‘Template Orders’ section.

To add items to your templates you can either type the code in on the Template screen or look up an item click on its itemcode to bring up the pop-out window and then select ‘add to template order’ from there.

Additional Templates
Coming soon will be Templates created by Alliance Game Distributors; these Templates will be under separate tabs in the ‘My Templates’ section and will provide suggested stocking lists for select lines as well as sales and special offers.

[Click the image to go to Retailer Services website]

- Emily

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