Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Website Enhancement: Order Imports

Alliance Game Distributors is happy to announce a new feature added to our Retailer Services website: Order Imports. This new feature offers retailers the ability to take an Excel file and upload it into the selected order type. Alliance takes pride in providing an array of useful resources to our retailers, we hope this new installation will allow our customers to improve their online ordering experience. 

Please read the following instructions below to learn how to properly complete Order Imports:
In the ‘My Open Order, ‘My Potential Order and ‘Template Orders sections of the website you will see a new button labeled ‘Import _____ Order.  This new feature offers you the ability to take an Excel file and upload it into the selected order type.  
You will need to have the file formatted correctly; the easiest way to get the format is to do a search for any item and then export the search results.  The excel file created by the export is in the format used by the import.  While price and description are on the import they are not required fields and are okay to leave blank.
There are two options when importing a file to an open or potential order: ‘Add to ______ order qtys and ‘Overwrite________ order qtys.   The difference between these options is how they handle an item that is on the import but already exists on your order.  
If you have chosen ‘Add to _______ order qtys it will increase your order by the amount on the import file.  For example if you already had 2 copies of GAW 81-08 on your order (potential or open) and your import file has 3 copies of GAW 81-08 your order after import will be for 5 copies of GAW 81-08.  If you had chosen ‘Overwrite________ order qtys then your order would be for the  imported amount of 3.  The import file does not process any item that has a quantity of 0 or less.
If you have an itemcode on your import that does not match an itemcode currently available from Alliance Game Distributors you will receive an error notification informing you of this; the process will still import the other items on your import.
The template order import only imports itemcodes, quantity will not be imported.

If you have any questions about the import feature, including questions about the format for the import file please contact Troy Sands in the Data Services/Technical Support department (tms@alliance-games.com; 1-800-669-4263 ext 9245).

To read more about Order Imports, please view the announcement in greater detail on the Retailer Services homepage – Click here

- Emily

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