Friday, January 18, 2013

TableTop News: Chez Geek

Chez Geek from Steve Jackson Games is the most recent game to hit Wil Wheaton's table top. Played on the newest TableTop episode from Geek and Sundry, Chez Geek is a interactive card game where you and your roommates represent twenty-something  aged slackers living together. Each player has a low-paying job, and accumulates points by buying things, and doing activities with an end goal in mind: be the roommate with the most slack!

Chez Geek was recently played in the Alliance East office. We certainly put this oldie, but goodie, on one of our favorites list! When played in the office last Friday, one of our East Sales Representatives was crowned winner and proclaimed biggest slacker! Here is what Ted had to say about his win, "Never have I had so much fun while trying to do so little".

We definitely recommend playing Chez Geek when introducing your non-gaming friends to the fun of gaming! Tell us what you think about this episode of TableTop? And what are your favorite games to introduce to your non-gaming friends?

- Emily

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