Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Angus Upset Over Bob's Departure...

Check out the latest from the Bob & Angus Show from Mayfair Games.

Bob is leaving the show and Angus is having a hard time coping with the change. Check out the latest videos of Season 5!

Great B&A One-liners
S5 E14
Angus - "Hey Clair, whats the different between a Cubs outfielder and the alligator who attacked Captain Hook?" 
Clair - "Cubs...that's football right?" 
Angus - "Eh...."

S5 E13
Bob - "Nothing unprofessional about not having your script ready when it’s time to shoot..."
Angus - "As key members of the rail design team were out setting cars on fire - to be fair they may just being doing that to keep warm in Chicago.." Bob - "Don't start!"

S5 E12
Angus - "Different?...Different is changing deodorants Bob - not moving to Chicago!"
Bob - "That…that sticker is a little big there - isn't it Angus?

What's been your favorite episode so far? Let us know below in the comments section.

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