Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Placing Those Preorders!

Hello Blog Followers!

Alliance is happy to announce the installation of preorder functions on the Retailer Services Website! Last week the Alliance Blog discussed how to set up a new account on the Retailer Services website, but now we want to show you how to do the really cool stuff!

Previously, our retailers were asked to continue to contact their Alliance sales representative when placing preorders. At the launch of the new Alliance website (Retailer Services), customers were not able to edit their own preorder numbers. They were however, able to view their preorder numbers through the website. With the help of our technical team, feedback from our customers, and a little patience and hard work, we are finally proud to show off the preorder functions in all their glory!

We have made the preordering function as user-friendly as possible. Placing preorders is just as easy, and very similar to, ordering any other item. One thing we want to make you aware of; if you have set up multiple user accounts, only those that you (the admin) granted the ability to create/update preorders can perform these preordering steps. If you need to change this function, go to ‘My Account Details’ tab and modify the sub login permissions at the bottom.

Let’s get to preordering some goodies!

1) Use item search to pull up the item you wish to preorder (if you like, you can set the ‘Item Order Type’ filter to ‘Preordarable Items Only’ to restrict the results)

2) Select which “ship to address” you wish to send the order to, in the section marked ‘Processing Preorders for’ (please be sure to click ‘Save Changes’ after selecting your ship to address).

3) Enter the amount you would like to preorder in the preorder qty column.  You may see numbers already populated in this column; this indicates that this amount has already been placed on preorder for the selected ship to.  Any quantity you change will be highlighted yellow, until you click on ‘Save Changes’.

Customers now also have the ability to further manage their preorders on the Alliance Games website.  Under ‘My Preorders’ you can view all items you have on preorder (this is broken down by “ship to address” if you have more than 1 location). In this screen, you can change the preordered quantity for an item, as long as the item is still taking preorders.  There may be some items you are unable to change the quantity for; these items will have an indicator next to the item code. The indicator meanings can be found at the bottom of the page. (Example: It will display a ‘C’ when a preorder is closed).

If you have questions about preorders, please visit the site manual located at the top of the homescreen.

Give us your feedback below, and let us know how the preorder function is helping you!

- Emily

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