Friday, December 7, 2012

Good News for the Fourth Quarter

Economists and Marketers have estimated that in 2012, retail will see a significant fluctuation in sales during the holiday season. Make sure to consider planning ahead!

Start by poking around, and ask your customers questions. (Engage - hint hint!) Talk to the customers when they walk in the door of your retail store, and ask what they'd like to get this holiday season. Like many companies in retail, hobby stores will see an influx of spending this holiday season.  

Will your retail store be offering any holiday deals?

What about a holiday themed organized play event or open gaming night?

Maybe with each purchase during December, customers get a 15% off (or your choosing) coupon for their next purchase in January!

Check out the graphics below to learn more about the prediction of 2012 holiday spending!

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VerticalResponse 2012 Holiday Spending & Promotion Infographic

Happy Selling!

- Emily
(Image Source 1, Source 2.)

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