Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December to Remember!

Engagement and content are the top two topics all professionals in marketing are talking about this year. Our last post touched on engagement and the importance of being relatable and real with your customers. The most common way to increase engagement is through contests and polls on social media and company websites.

Consider picking 4-5 of these easy ways to improve your engagement online. Most of them are pretty simple, fairly-easy, and do not take much of your time. I especially think they are good to implement now because of the holiday season. Sales will be increasing their most this quarter and it's always good to be prepared. Think about the ways you can improve your engagement with customers online, and see if it generates more sales and foot traffic in your retail store. Connecting with them online, will usually draw them in to connect in store!

Here are my favorites from the article by Jim Belosic on Social Media Today entitled, 22 Easy-to-Implement Social Media Tactics for December

  1. Create a fun holiday poll for your online fans and followers to take and share with friends
  2. Update your Facebook cover photo to a festive or winter-themed image
  3. Tweet out holiday song lyrics
  4. Host Facebook contests
  5. Create a holiday gift guide featuring your business' products

Click the link below to read 20 more ways to engage with your customers! Share your ideas below by clommenting on this post.

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