Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Social Media for Small Businesses

In the most recent years, social media has created the most buzz around companies and small businesses. First and foremost, most social media websites are FREE - so if your small business is on a budget, social media certainly fits. Although social media is free, in order for it to be effective, it must be updated and attended to often. Ask around and see if one of your employees would be willing to take on the social media project, or appoint someone who has great initiative.

Your viewers and followers chose to follow you for a reason; they see value in following your company. Emphasize value, when considering social media for your small business. Provide information that your followers should know, and are desperate to hear more about! You can also advertise new product receiving, restocks, events, and tournaments.  

Check out this awesome graphic from Entrepreneur.com about small business on social media.

(Source: Entrepreneur.com Blog
If you have a social media site that you take pride in, please share it below in our comments section with the link to the site. 
- Emily

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