Thursday, November 8, 2012

Instagram - Fun and Cheap!

Instagram is a newer tool in the social media network family. It's less about updating your status like Facebook, and more about visually showing your followers what you’re up to or what your interests are. It's a photo sharing network that allows people with like interests to follow you, like your pictures, and comment on the ones they love.

Alliance Game Distributors is jumping on the Instragram craze. We are not sure how, or if, it will be successful but our goal is create community around gaming. We plan to have #hashtag projects regularly if we find them to be successful. It's hard to say how a company will do on Instagram, but we would like you to come along for the ride. After all it's a place for fun, inspiration, and creativity; and we plan to use it for such.

We like this article, and we hope you get the inspiration to join as well! 5 Ways to Grow Your Exposure With Instragram.

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- Emily

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