Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Employees Generate Happy Customers

If you have happy and motivated employees working in your retail store, you are bound to make more sales and create stronger connections with customers! Here are a couple steps to keep your employees motivated. Remember, good or bad customer service will affect your customers decision to return to your store or to seek your competition. Try to keep your customer retention in mind, everyday.

  1. Make employees feel they are doing something meaningful
  2. Effectively communicate and share information
  3. Give employees clear job descriptions and accountability
  4.  Give and receive ongoing performance feedback
  5.  Have, and show, faith and trust in your team
  6.  Listen to, focus on, and respect your employees' needs
  7.  Provide recognition to worthy employees
  8.  Foster innovation


 Article Source: The Employee-Motivation Checklist by Dave Lavinsky

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