Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Website Feature: Want to Chat with your Alliance Sales Rep?

Have a question about your order or certain product? Don’t know your Sales Rep's email or phone number?

Don’t worry, the website has you covered! We've got great news, your Sales Representative is only a click away. Included on the new Alliance website is an interactive chat feature. Located in the top right corner of the site, you can view your personal Sales Reps contact information, and have the ability to chat with them online.

After your chat session is over, you have the ability to save what you discussed with your Sale Rep to review later or add to your records. The prompt will display as, “Thank you for chatting with us today. If you would like a transcript of this chat emailed to you, please enter your email address and click the Send button.”

Extra Highlighted Features:
Have a question for your Sales Rep after hours? Click the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page to send an email to your Sales Rep without even leaving the Alliance site! Customers can also use the built in email to contact Technical Support. Contact Support for help with technical issues, suggest web features you would like added to the site, and general feedback. Your feedback is important to us; with your collaboration we can make the website the gateway to your success!

- Troy

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