Monday, October 22, 2012

New Website Feature: The Cool Stuff

If the new chat feature wasn't cool enough on its own…here are a couple more features that make our site top of the line.

Preorders – On the new webpage, customers are able to preview what products they have preordered along with the quantity. (As of October 2012: customers are not able to edit their preorders online, and should still contact their Sales Rep in regards to all preorders until notified otherwise.)

Searches – The search bars allow customers to search for any product in our database. Don’t you just get annoyed when you can’t remember the whole title of a product? Well, there is no need to fuss! The search bars are able to search by partial words. If “Zombie” is the only word you know in the title, put it in and see all titles that include “Zombie”.

Invoices – Customers can view past invoices online. Handy, right?

Employee Logins – Say the boss isn't in, and you need to add a few products to an order before you forget... Owners, or those who have administrative privileges, can add sub logins for employees. These sub logins are given limited access to the website. They are able to add products to “Potential Orders” for Owners to review, but are not able to place actual orders for billing.

Potential Orders – This gives the sub login employee the ability to add products needed in order for Owners and website administrators to review for purchase. Think of it as a “Wish List”.

Want to know about other specific features on our new website? Leave us a comment!

- Emily

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  1. I am glad new features have been added to the site! it looks amazing!