Thursday, January 5, 2017

Game Trade Magazine # 203 Highlights

Happy New Year! There’s no finer time to dust off that old favorite in your game library and inviting folk over for a grand night of gaming! Or, perhaps, you would like to try something new? Well, you’re in luck because there’s certainly no shortage of truly FANTASTIC games out there just waiting for you to pick them up and give them a shake, rattle, and roll.

We would like to invite you to enjoy what will be a new staple in GTM, “By The Numbers”. In this new column, Corey Perez and Luke Hardy will be discussing (and demonstrating) various painting and modelling techniques with a variety of figures and paint sets.

Courage Wanted! Take command and prepare your armies for epic battles in an age of heroes in Fantasy Flight's RuneWars: The Miniatures Game!

Take a closer look at the upcoming release of WizKids' latest Marvel HeroClix release - Deadpool & X-Force with two EXCLUSIVE figure previews!

Join the best on the path to Victory! 60 players from 23 countries gathered to determine the next Catan world champion!

Brave terrible guardians, foul cults, and the burning sands of the desert to stop the rebirth of an ancient tyrant in Mummy's Mask, the latest base set for Paizo's Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.


PathfinderPathfinder Adventure Card Game: Mummy`s Mask Base Set

Mummy's Mask Blessing of Khepri Card
PZO 6030, $59.99

This complete, cooperative strategy game pits 1 to 4 heroes against the monsters, curses, and traps of the Mummy`s Mask Adventure Path. Choose your character`s class, build a deck of equipment, magic, and allies, and explore dangerous locations as you journey through an exciting fantasy tale. As your adventures continue, your characters add unique gear and awesome magic to their decks as they gain incredible powers, all of which they`ll need to challenge more and more powerful threats.

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Runewars: The Miniatures Game
FFG RWM01, $99.95

For years, the armies of Waiqar the Undying have stayed within their borders, launching only minor raids across the border. But now, a nameless threat stirs within the Mistlands, and legions of undead cross into the realm of Terrinoth under Waiqar`s command! The Daqan Lords have sounded the call to war, and their finest generals lead armies of warriors and golems to take up defensive positions in the border territory of Roth`s Vale. The first battles of the next great war are about to begin in RuneWars: The Miniatures Game! Innovative command tools, two distinct factions, forty-eight beautifully sculpted, unpainted figures, and countless ways to customize your campaigns combine to offer an unparalleled miniatures gaming experience in RuneWars.

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Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool and X-Force
WZK 72536, $129.90

Deadpool and X-Force pushes the Marvel HeroClix envelope with never-before-seen gameplay, shocking cracks in the 4th Wall, and a very special figure that we`ll be keeping secret for quite some time! Longstanding HeroClix favorite Wolverine returns, alongside Doop and WizKid, plus build fun, new teams around XStatix, the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, and Mercs for Money! Featuring a selection of friends, foes, and henchmen, Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool and X-Force introduces 80 figures to play and collect! Offered in 5-figure boosters packed in 10-count bricks.

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Deckbuilding Game
USO DB010400, (Net) $29.75

Class Is In Session! The forces of evil are threatening to overrun Hogwarts castle in this new, cooperative, deck-building game! It`s up to four students to ensure the safety of the school by defeating villains and consolidating their defenses. Players take on the role of a Hogwarts student (Harry, Ron, Hermione, or Neville) each with his or her own personal deck of cards. To secure the castle from the forces of evil the students must work together to build more powerful decks using iconic Wizarding World characters, spells, and items. Defeat all the villains, including He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and win the game!

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Infinity: Operation Red Veil
CVB 280010-0595, $101.64

In the commercial area of the Neon Lotus Orbital Station, Yu Jing and Haqqislam spec ops teams fight for data that could reveal a covert operation to manipulate and subvert the financial markets of the Sphere. Operation: Red Veil contains two totally new and re-sculpted Starter Packs of two different factions: Yu Jing and Haqqislam. It also includes two exclusive miniatures, one per faction, only avalaible in this Battle Pack, as well as ready-to-play cardboard scenery (four buildings and six containers), a Game Mat, and six 20-sided dice, plus cardboard markers, templates, and a ruler - everything you need to start playing.

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Sword of Kings
RED 001, $24.99

The king is dead, killed by the evil dragon living in the Volcanic Mountain. The kingdom is now divided as the knights fight each other to prove their claim to the throne. It is foretold that the only way to unite the land is to wield the Sword of Kings, but the Dragon carried the sword away to its Lair. Do you have what it takes to become king by defeating the dragon and its minions to regain the sword?

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

New from Fantasy Flight Games - Star Wars Imperial Assault: Jabba's Realm Campaign Expansion & Villain Pack

“If I told you half the things I’ve heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you’d probably short circuit.”- C-3PO, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Imperial reprisals have swept the galaxy, targeting not just the Rebels, but their families and loved ones as well. In desperation, you and a team of other Rebel operatives have gathered as many refugees as you can in hopes of shepherding them to safety in the Outer Rim. Your escape is discovered, however, and you've been shot down on Tatooine. Here, the power of the Empire is not as strong as elsewhere - but that doesn't mean you're out of danger. This is the domain of Jabba the Hutt, and you'll need to play by his rules if you want to survive.

The sands of Tatooine are full of dangers. Tusken Raiders prey on moisture farmers, Jawas scavenge or filch whatever isn't tied down, and enormous krayt dragons terrorize every smaller lifeform. And if that weren't enough, a small Imperial garrison is charged with keeping brutal order on Tatooine, even though the entire planet is firmly in the grasp of the crime lord, Jabba the Hutt. It's the perfect place for danger and iniquity to take root.

An expansion for Imperial Assault, Jabba's Realm introduces a full-length campaign that challenges you to survive among the desert wastes and criminal underworld of Tatooine, even as new skirmish missions invite you to battle in the Nal Hutta Borderlands or around the fabled Pit of Carkoon.

Eighteen double-sided map tiles evoke the opening scenes of Return of the Jedi, giving you access to Jabba's palace, his pleasure barge, and iconic locations like the sarlacc pit, while sixteen figures offer new warriors and heroes for the Imperials, Rebels, and Mercenaries, even as new Command cards, Deployment cards, Agenda cards, and Class cards give you countless ways to customize your game.

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Jabba's Realm Campaign Expansion

MSRP: $59.95
Player: 2-5
Ages: 12+

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Jabba the Hutt Villain Pack

MSRP: $14.95

The Galactic Empire may technically control Tatooine, but on the planet's surface, the rules are seldom determined by laws made light-years away. Crime is the closest thing to government that Tatooine has, and all crime on Tatooine feeds back to Jabba the Hutt. Now, he can help guide your Mercenaries strike team to victory with the Jabba the Hutt Villain Pack.

Three new Agenda cards invite you to spread the might of Jabba the Hutt across the Star Wars galaxy, even when the Rebel heroes venture beyond Tatooine itself. With this Villain Pack, your options for using Jabba the Hutt to control the crime world are nearly unmatched.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Preorder Honshu from Renegade Game Studios Now!

Honshu is a trick-taking, map-building card game set in feudal Japan. Players are lords and ladies of noble houses seeking new lands and opportunities for fame and fortune.

One game of Honshu lasts twelve rounds, and each round is divided into two phases. First, map cards are played in a trick, and the player who played the highest valued card gets to pick first from those cards played. Then the players use the map cards picked to expand their personal maps. Each player must expand their personal maps to maximize their scoring possibilities.
Manipulating your position in the player order is crucial for mastering Honshu.


SKU: RGS 00567
MSRP: $25.00
Players: 2-5
Age: 8+
Playtime: 30-40 minutes

Honshu Demo 

Contents Summary:
40 Wooden Resource Cubes 
6 Start Province Cards 
60 Map Cards 
8 Game End Scoring Cards 
5 Player Order Cards 
5 Scoring Summary Cards
1 Score Pad
1 Rulebook

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

GTM Insider Week of December 12-16, 2016

Game Trade Magazine has so many amazing things in it each month that it can be overwhelming. We at Alliance Games have compiled just a few of the items you don't want to miss! Check out some of the great products in the December issue of GTM! 

The Colonist

SKU: MFG 3519
MSRP: $90.00
Players: 1-4
Ages: 12+
Playtime: 30-360 Minutes

In The Colonists, players try to grow their settlement into the largest and most prosperous in all the land. Recruit workers, then educate, employ, and elevate them to advanced professions as the Eras march on. Farmers will become citizens and, in turn, progress and become wealthy merchants. Find the right path for your colony to grow and flourish through the Eras and earn the Emperor`s favor in The Colonists.

Costa Rica

SKU: MFG 4140
MSRP: $35.00
Players: 2-5
Ages: 8+
Playtime: 30-45 Minutes

Welcome to Costa Rica! This land is renowned for its rich diversity of insects and animals, and you are part of several teams exploring and cataloging the wildlife in this rainforest paradise. Will your team of researchers find the most animals and earn the greatest reputation?


SKU: TLC 2011
MSRP: $28.49
Players: 2-6
Ages: 12+
Playtime: 60 Minutes

This updated version of the award-winning Zombies!!! Board Game introduces cooperative play for Zombies!!!, as well as rules for team play, several new scenarios, four new zombie figures, survivor tokens for scenario play, and door tokens.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

New in December from Publisher Services Inc!

Available Now!

Aeon’s End

MSRP: $49.99
Player: 1-4
Ages: 14+
Playtime: 60 minutes

The survivors of a long-ago invasion have taken refuge in the forgotten underground city of Gravehold. There, the desperate remnants of society have learned that the energy of the very breaches the beings use to attack them can be repurposed through various gems, transforming the malign energies within into beneficial spells and weapons to aid their last line of defense: the breach mages. In Aeon`s End, a cooperative game that explores the deckbuilding genre with a number of innovative mechanisms, players struggle to defend Gravehold from The Nameless and their hordes using unique abilities, powerful spells, and, most importantly of all, their collective wits!

Kodama: The Tree Spirits 2nd Edition

MSRP: $19.99
Players: 2-5
Ages: 13+
Playtime: 20-40 minutes

The forest is growing fast! As caretakers for kodama, the tree spirits, you must keep the forest a healthy and lush home for your little friends. Over three growing seasons, you must cultivate trees with the right mix of flowers, insects, and branch arrangements to make your kodama as happy as possible. Whoever cares for their kodama best will be remembered for generations! From the designer of the hit game Kigi, Kodama branches out into a fun, new way to play with beautiful art and innovative mechanics - it`s in-tree-guing fun for everyone!

Batman The Animated Series Dice Game

SKU: SJG 131339
MSRP: $14.95
Players: 2-4
Ages: 10+
Playtime: 10-20 minutes

Become a Super-Villain in Gotham City! Can you escape the World`s Greatest Detective? The Joker, Catwoman, The Riddler, and Poison Ivy are pulling off elaborate heists to score as much loot as they can carry! Based on the award-winning Batman: The Animated Series, players in this press-your-luck dice game are members of the Dark Knight Detective`s rogues gallery. Roll the dice and take advantage of each villain`s diabolical abilities to scheme your way to victory - before getting busted by Batman!

Coming Soon!

Epic Resort: Villain’s Vacation

MSRP: $19.95
Est. Release: 12/21/2016
Players: 2-4
Ages: 12+
Playtime: 60-120 minutes

The darkest souls in the land have been busy plotting schemes and casting spells, but such extreme dedication to conquering heroes can be exhausting. So this time, the villains decide it`s their turn for a tropical getaway - and its up to you to provide a resort fit for Vampires, Witches, and Crazed Alchemists most foul! Villain`s Vacation introduces new workers to command, new tourists to exploit, and new attractions to expand your Epic Resort.

Princes of the Renaissance

MSRP: $60.00
Est. Release: 12/21/2016
Players: 3-6
Ages: 12+
Playtime: 180 minutes

In Martin Wallace`s Princes of the Renaissance, players take on the role of a Condottiere attempting to influence the major cities of Italy. Using money and power, players take a stake in one or more cities and use their resources to ensure that their chosen city gains prestige at the expense of others. Each city will attempt to attack or defend itself by hiring the players to lead their armies - but the outcome is not always as important to the Condottiere as gaining wealth or influence. Players will discover that even the Pope can be swayed...for the right price!

Robinson Crusoe: Adventures of the Cursed Island (English 4th Edition)

MSRP: $65.00
Est. Release: 12/21/2016
Players: 1-4
Ages: 14+
Playtime: 90-180 minutes

Get Stranded! In Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, players take on the role of one of four characters from the stranded ship crew (cook, carpenter, explorer, and soldier) as they face the perils and adventure of a dangerous island. Build shelters and create weapons, tools, and equipment like axes, knives, and sacks while searching for food, fending off wild beasts, and protecting yourselves from the ever-changing natural elements - do everything you can to survive! This revised edition features custom wooden pieces for all resources, cardboard player boards for each character, an additional seventh scenario, and a completely rewritten rulebook based on the classic German version.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sherlock Takes Over Game Trade Magazine 202!

Game Trade Magazine # 202 should be in your hands shortly and there is a lot to look forward to with this issue! It's our largest issue yet, so its no mystery as to why this issue is filled with new and amazing Sherlock Holmes products. Get your detective skills ready and grab your magnifying glass and pick up these crime solving games!

Fearlight Games has given us a Game Trade Magazine Exclusive scenario to their Sherlock inspired RPG - Baker Street: Roleplaying in the World of Sherlock Holmes

Baker Street: Roleplaying in the World of Sherlock Holmes

MSRP: $39.99

Sherlock Holmes is Missing - and Presumed Dead! Intrepid investigators are asked by the stoic Dr. Watson to take cases out of Baker Street in Holmes`s absence. Victorian streets, foggy nights, and crime most foul await! Will the nefarious plans of crafty villains come to fruition or can the champions of justice from Baker Street save the day? Baker Street is a roleplaying game in which the players attempt to solve some of the most   baffling crimes in history. Introducing over 30 careers, 25 unique criminal extras, and rules for making your own nefarious villains, Baker Street features a robust investigation mechanic, easy character generation, and rules for making your own mystery.

Read all about the Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective expansion: Jack the Ripper and West End Adventures from Asmodee North America!

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective – Jack the Ripper and West End Adventures

MSRP: $39.99
Players: 1-8
Age: 10+
Playtime: 60-120 minutes

Enter the gaslit world of Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective! Now, you`ll face ten entirely new cases in Jack and the West End Adventures! Six of these cases are standalone adventures, while four others form a linked campaign that challenges you to stop the murders of the notorious Jack the Ripper! With a new map of London and Whitechapel district, new newspapers for every case, and ten new casebooks, it`s time to put your mind to the test!

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

MSRP: $39.99

Ten Sherlock Holmes adventures in which you are the hero! You are a member of the Baker Street Irregulars working to solve mysteries before the Master! Equipped with a copy of the Times, a map of London, a directory and more importantly - your logic, you will roam the streets of London trying to solve the most heinous crimes. Will you visit the crime scene? Meet Inspector Lestrade? The decision is in your hands and each clue that you follow will bring you a step closer to the truth. Unravel the string of intrigue, answer a series of questions and compare your score to that of Sherlock Holmes. Can you beat the Master?

Also from Asmodee North America and spotlighted in GTM is Watson and Holmes.

Watson and Holmes

MSRP: $59.99
Players: 2-7
Age: 12+
Playtime: 45-75 minutes

Race to find the truth in the mysterious world of Watson & Holmes, a game of deduction and intrigue. Each aspiring detective will work alongside Sherlock Holmes in order to solve a series of mysterious cases. By visiting locations, speaking with witnesses, and deciphering clues, you will come to your own conclusions about the investigation, independent of your fellow detectives. Once you believe you have all the facts, you must present your findings to the brilliant Holmes and the good Dr. Watson. Answering every question correctly will lead you to victory, though one misstep and you will be forced to retire from the case, leaving the remaining investigators to accurately interpret the clues before it`s too late!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

BattleTech Lance Packs from Catalyst Game Labs

Each $9.99 Lance Pack includes four plastic BattleMechs in the same great quality as those
from the Introductory Box Set. With no parts to assemble (beyond painting if you want to add
your favorite camo scheme to the mix), these are ready-to-play as soon as you open a box.
These miniatures are perfectly usable alongside the Introductory Box Set or with Total Warfare
and the full breadth of BattleTech play. Additionally, each Pack includes 8 Alpha Strike cards,
allowing these ’Mechs to also be fielded in that tabletop game play style.

PSI CAT35710 BattleTech: Assault Lance Pack
PSI CAT35711 BattleTech: Support Lance Pack

PSI CAT 35712 BattleTech: Battle Lance Pack
PSI CAT35713 BattleTech: Recon Lance Pack

PSI CAT35714 BattleTech: Command Lance Pack
PSI CAT35715 BattleTech: Pursuit Lance Pack

PSI CAT35716 BattleTech: Fire Lance Pack
PSI CAT35717 BattleTech: Striker Lance Pack